I’m Rob Miller. I combine deep commercial thinking with playful creativity to help brands figure out what to do next.

Don’t know where to go next?

I can help you to articulate your vision, think long-term, and pick the right direction to go in.

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

I can dive into complex problems and explain them in ways that click with you, helping you to focus on what’s important.

Unsure of how to grow?

I can help you understand your opportunities, then develop business models and marketing strategies to take advantage.

Struggling to communicate?

I can help you figure out what you want to say, boil it down to its essence, then say it with conviction.

Interested? Get in touch

For project enquiries or just to chat, email hello@orso.so.

If you’ve got a brand, every week I have a few calendar slots available for founders and marketing directors to chat about their businesses and the challenges they face. If that sounds like you, you can book a slot here.

Brands I’ve helped

  • Logo of Charlie Bigham’s
  • Logo of Yeo Valley
  • Logo of Freddie’s Flowers
  • Logo of Giovanni Rana
  • Logo of Hayman’s Gin
  • Logo of Tyrrells
  • Logo of Farmison
  • Logo of Sofa.com
  • Logo of Aperol
  • Logo of Super Bock
  • Logo of Amoy
  • Logo of St. Eval

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What people say

“Rob is a polymathic empathist. His is a laser-focused intelligence, married to a wonderfully enquiring (and open) mind. He is a brilliant simplifier. I have seldom, if ever, encountered more useful or convivial wisdom when inventing, redirecting or starting a revolution in any kind of creative communication. Lucky are those who have him playing for their team.”
Photograph of Will Awdry
Will Awdry
D&AD copywriting coach
Former Creative Partner, Ogilvy
“Rob is a brilliant strategist. He questions, analyses, pre-empts, summarises as you discover so much more about your brand and where it sits in its market… He continually checks in with how any findings will affect key audiences as he goes, making sure that the internal team understand the brand’s USPs while, and this is the crucial bit, ensuring that all stakeholders are heard and are feeding into the strategy. VERY impressive.”
Photograph of Emma Parlons
Emma Parlons
Head of Consumer Communications,
Symposium Spirits
“I’ve worked with Rob across a number of key brand projects at The Coconut Collab and he is by far one of the most strategic marketeers I’ve had the luck to work with. Rob has a way of articulating information and challenges that really delivers some key ‘a-ha’ moments.”
Photograph of Alice Lovell
Alice Lovell
Head of Marketing,
The Coconut Collab