What I do

I work with Founders, CEOs and Marketing Directors of businesses of all sizes in many industries. I particularly focus on founder-led consumer startups and scale-ups with between £500k and £20m in revenue.

Projects range from short, self-contained projects to respond to immediate opportunities, to immersive, weeks-long strategy projects that evaluate an entire business. Everything I do, though, involves three stages: immersion, exploration, and the delivery of a tangible, actionable solution to a problem.


What I deliver

Commercial strategy

How your business works, how it doesn’t work, and how to grow it

How I help you to understand your business →

Consumer strategy

Who buys your products, why, and where to find more of them

How I help you to understand your customers →

Creative strategy

Compelling and distinctive communication that stands out from the crowd

How I help you to express yourself and your brand →

Who I work with

Creative agencies

Adding strategic heft to brand, design and communications projects

How I help you to dig deeper →


Figuring out what makes brands compelling, and how to stand out from the crowd

How I help you to grow your brand →


Helping investors with due diligence and investor materials

How I help you to invest wisely →