Today I launched Orso, a commercial, consumer & creative strategy consultancy.

I’m using my experience working with hundreds of brands in the past decade-plus, and my background in journalism and technology, to help businesses figure out what to do next.

If you’re a creative agency, I can help you to tackle complex problems and cut them down to size. I can take briefs from big-picture commercial thinking through to the creation of compelling and inspiring creative platforms.

If you’re a brand, I can help you to define your vision and ambition, figure out a route to market, define growth plans, and figure out how to be distinctive in a crowded market.

If you’re an investor, I can help you to understand the potential strengths and sources of growth for brands both pre- and post-acquisition.

And if I can’t solve your problem, I’ve got a great network of other consultants who might just be able to.

I plan to use this blog to post articles that reflect an Orso way of seeing businesses and brands. I’ll be covering:

  • How to make sense of the complex situations that brands face

  • How to think commercially and grasp the big picture

  • How to transform numbers into narratives, and narratives into actions

  • How to be distinctive and present a unique personality and voice to the world

  • How to stick to what’s true to you, and avoid chasing the competition

You can follow the blog in three ways:

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  2. By following Orso on LinkedIn

  3. By subscribing to the RSS feed