What I've done:

Inspired a reusable revolution with Bambino Mio

Working for

Working with

  • big fish® (initial engagement, creative, design, production)

Working on

  • Commercial strategy
  • Consumer strategy
  • Creative strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research

The situation

In the UK alone 3 billion nappies are thrown away every year, sent to landfill where they’ll live for 500 years before breaking down.

Bambino Mio have been doing the right thing for 25 years: producing great reusable nappies and convincing parents to use them. They’ve been leading the way in the quest for a circular economy.

But the category had never cracked the mainstream: using reusables was a niche behaviour. The challenge was to set the brand up for mainstream appeal, and give it the tools it needed to take the fight to disposable brands.

What I did

I led the commercial, consumer, and brand strategy aspects of the brand transformation project.

I ran an in-depth commercial strategy process, figuring out where the market opportunities were and what the size of the prize might be. I helped design qualitative and quantitative consumer research, along with Lauren Clark, that identified specific consumer segments that were more likely to convert to reusables.

I developed a brand strategy to respond to the opportunities, presented that strategy to the board and investors, and developed the creative brief for the new brand identity, tone of voice, and design language, brought to life in revolutionary style by big fish®.

What the client got

  • Quantitative consumer research to understand how barriers to usage might be overcome
  • Consumer segmentation to identify which consumers might be easiest to bring into the category
  • A brand strategy to turn Bambino Mio into a category leader and significantly increase penetration of the category
  • Qualitative consumer research to validate the brand positioning and creative territory we’d developed
  • Alignment and excitement about the new direction among all stakeholders – investors, founders, management, and employees