What I've done:

Refocused a recipe box startup with Cookaway

Working for

Working with

  • big fish® (initial engagement, creative, design, production)

Working on

  • Commercial strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Fundraising materials

The situation

Cookaway had been operating for a couple of years, and had grown from strength to strength. It offered consumers world cuisines in a box, with no need to track down difficult-to-source ingredients, and gave them the chance to interact with chefs in virtual “cookalongs”.

Organic growth had been good, but there was an opportunity – and a requirement – to think about the business model and the brand properly before raising a further round of investment, to prepare it for scale and to make the case for investment.

What I did

I led the initial commercial strategy to strip the business model back to the bare essentials and think about where to focus in the future. That involved some in-depth thinking about the customer journey, and how to drive frequency without relying on subscriptions and while maintaining margins.

I then worked on the brand strategy for the transformation of the brand, with a new consumer focus and a new brand positioning, and worked with the CMO to develop an activation and marketing strategy to help grow the brand following the launch of the new identity.

What the client got

  • A focused business model with a greater understanding of competitive advantage and where margin power could come from
  • An investor narrative and designed/copywritten investor deck for the Series A fundraise
  • A brand strategy, consumer segmentation, hierarchy of messaging, and creative platform
  • Marketing workshops and the development of a marketing and brand activation strategy
  • Ongoing strategic consultancy