What I've done:

Helped start up a D2C flower brand with Freddie’s Flowers

Working for

Working with

  • big fish® (initial engagement, creative, design, production)

Working on

  • Brand strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Web development
  • Marketing strategy

The situation

Freddie’s Flowers was a brilliant idea from the very beginning: fresh flowers, delivered to your door every week, for £25 a pop.

The business had a great product, a cunning approach to marketing, and ridiculous potential. But there were lots of brand, marketing, and technological obstacles to achieving that potential.

What I did

Before the brand launched, I helped to develop the brand and marketing strategy. After the launch, I worked as Freddie’s Flowers’ interim CTO, helping to recruit a tech team, in-house their software development, and prep the business’s tech stack for scaling from hundreds of orders per week to tens of thousands.

What the client got

  • Brand strategy as the brand was created, helping to hone the proposition and the target consumer
  • Technology consultancy as the business got off the ground, helping get from zero to taking customers’ money and fulfilling orders
  • Help hiring, establishing, and scaling an internal tech team
  • Planning of ongoing data analysis and reporting, setting up of reports and dashboards