What I've done:

Planned a private label range with Picnic

Working for

Working with

  • big fish® (initial engagement, creative, design, production)

Working on

  • Brand strategy
  • Creative strategy

The situation

Picnic are the Netherlands’ leading online grocery delivery service, rightly loved by their customers for their guarantee of low prices, free delivery, and convenient delivery slots.

In 2019, though, they were missing one key ingredient: a range of private-label products, exclusive to Picnic, that could differentiate them further from conventional, old-school supermarkets.

What I did

I led the brand strategy work that defined exactly what it was the private label range needed to say about Picnic, and how it needed to be differentiated – both from brands and from other retailers.

That meant getting to the heart of what it was that was compelling about Picnic, and figuring out how to express that in lots of different ways, in categories as diverse as pasta, beer, and bin bags.

That laid a foundation for big fish® to work their incredible creative magic: they went on to design the most beautiful private label packaging in the world.

What the client got

  • A concise expression of Picnic’s overall brand and what it stood for
  • A strategic approach to private label in general, across all categories
  • In-depth work on particularly important private label categories such as dairy, involving competitor research, product tiering, and positioning
  • Creative strategy to solve problems such as adapting products to multiple languages and territories, the connection of physical packaging to the digital app, and how to communicate cross-category attributes like “organic” or “vegan”
  • Ongoing strategic involvement in how private label products could best be curated and merchandised within the Picnic app